HVAC System

  • New installation or like-for-like replacement of HVAC equipment or systems is not always possible, ideal, cost-effective, or even legal. Many historic building conservation programs have complex compliance requirements regarding HVAC upgrades.
  • Even if a building is not a protected historical site, there are many considerations necessary when considering a replacement or upgrade. When HVAC equipment and systems are originally installed, they are designed to meet the needs and purpose of the building at that time. By the time a replacement or upgrade is needed, the building or purpose of the building have often changed. There could be more or fewer people occupying the building. The hours of operation could have increased or decreased. There could be more computers, electronics, or other heat-producing items within the building. The purpose of the building may have changed. An office has different needs than a restaurant. All of these factors need to be carefully considered when installing or upgrading a building's HVAC system.

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